Friday, September 17, 2010

Thoughts from Stering by Starlight

My thoughts on the "Steering by Starlight" excerpt clearly demonstrates how those that have a disability or deficieny can suprise at different intervals with their growth and learning capabilities. All to often, we measure progress or results in multiple ways, in the case of this story the author was forced to modify her conclusions that her son would not speak. An example form my personal experience, I vividly recall having a friend was legally blind, but her ability to utilize the senses of  feel, smell, and touch allowed her to live as if, her being blind was an after thought. I took for granted the fact that I walk, run, and see, without much complication but my friend does so in a manner that is much different from myself, yet with more effective and efficient results. As a result, I never doubts the abilities, committment, or determination of anyone, because as soon as I reach a specific conclusion, people have a unique way of performing an act or expressing ideas that mandates a modifiation to my beliefs and thoughts.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Art can be fun

Art can be fun in many ways. There are so many art styles that one can immerse him or her-self to endless boundaries.